Following up from genuary, let's do synthruary: creative coding and making things for sound each day in the month of February. 🎹🎛️🤖🔊⚡

This could include: websynths, modular, synth software, super collider, puredata, max, bash, arduino, building instruments, etc. Think of the themes of generative and interactive sound things, it's pretty open ended in terms of approaches and tools.

It's flexible, participate in a way that works best for you. Hop in for the dailies, or just for a day or two. So you can do one a week, work on the same thing over several days and share progress, or participate daily. Check in on how you feel along the way and note what gets you amped about this — be it learning, making things, having fun, etc. :)

You're invited to share what you make under the tags #synthruary and #synthruary2022 for others to find too.


If you'd like some inspo, check out these prompts as a place to start. There's one for each day. You can do them by day, or pick any that sing to you, and use them whenever.

  1. Minimalism
  2. Arpeggiators
  3. Musique concrète
  4. Pick a mode (Dorian, Phrygian, etc.)
  5. Aleatoric
  6. Drones
  7. Raindrops
  8. West Coast Synthesis
  9. Percussion
  10. Rests and silence
  11. Spacial audio
  12. Atonal
  13. Voice
  14. Deep listening
  15. Sample and hold
  16. Physics
  17. Three pitches
  18. FM synthesis
  19. Rhythms
  20. Noise
  21. Microtones
  22. Sea of sounds
  23. Birdsong
  24. ASMR
  25. Nested loops
  26. Synesthesia
  27. Melting time
  28. Natural/Organic